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      Matt Talbot Group 109 is a mens spiritual retreat for recovering alcoholics held 3 times a year.  As part of the Matt Talbot movement our purpose is to work on our spiritual connection to a higher power.  One of our focus at each retreat is to study steps 3 and 11 from the Twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Each retreat we have a different Retreat Master or director who is usually a member of the clergy and also a recovering alcoholic.  As a rule, the Retreat Master has personal experience with our problem and also has the training and the background to provide us with guidance and insight into the Steps and our own individual spiritual path.  In addition, there are breakout groups, mediation meeting, speaker meeting, and free time for sharing and fellowship.  This is a great opportunity for rest and meditation away from the stresses, tensions, hustle and bustle of our daily lives.
      Scheduled retreats start on a Friday at 4 pm and run until Sunday 12 noon.  Meals and sleeping accommodations are included.  We believe that through prayer, mediation and faith in a higher power we increase our abilities to change our lives for the better.  We're an all-inclusive group.  This is to say, we don't turn away anyone who may want to take part in all we offer.  Rich and poor, old and young, sinner and saint, people of all races, creeds, and colors, you're all welcome here.  Sign up for our next retreat and come see what we have to offer you. 


Our leadership is made up of a Committee responsible for governing and providing oversight for the groups affairs. 

Current Group 109 Officers:
Chairman: Bob H.

Committee Members:

Contact Us:
Matt Talbot Group #109
P.O. Box 1676
Oldsmar, FL. 34677

If you're interested in attending one of our upcoming retreats or if you're looking for more information, want to contact group 109, or have specific needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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